Sending Artwork

Sending Artwork

We understand that not everyone is a graphics wiz. Heck, if they were, we'd be out of a job. Because of this, we get a huge variety of files sent to us. Some of them - great, some of them - not so much.
The absolute best file to send us is a fully vectorized, fonts outlined Illustrator file. We understand that not everyone has this option, so we're here to work with what you do have. Below is a list of file options, in order of preference:

Adobe Illustrator

(.ai/.eps) - Since screen printed t-shirts are printed with spot colors, this is the best file type to send. Be sure you have outlined your fonts (or at least provide them to us). We're updated to CS2 (CS3 coming soon).

Adobe Photoshop

(.psd/.tif) - Please keep each colour on it's own layer whenever possible. Also be sure to provide or rasterize all fonts used in the file. The ultimate size is 300dpi at actual print size. For instance, if you want your shirt design to be 8"x8" - the file should be 8"x8" @ 300dpi... NOT 8"x8"@72dpi and NOT 1"x1"@300dpi. To check this - go under [IMAGE]-[IMAGE SIZE]- and look at the document size in the popup window.


We tend to get a lot of .jpgs from customers. One thing to keep in mind is the size of the file. Just like a Photoshop file, this file needs to be large enough and clean enough to work with. If you got the image off the Internet - it's probably going to be pretty small. (tip: when "Googling" images - keep the "image size" tab on "Large or Extra Large Images" to be safe). Look at the image and see if the colours are distinctively separate - (i.e. where one colour meets another - is it crisp or kind of blurry, blotchy or jaggedy). If we have to re-draw the image and it takes us more than 15 minutes, a fee of $50/hr may apply (tallied in :30 minute increments).


Old school way! Hey, it's still higher in the list than...

Microsoft Word

Ugh! Well, if this is all you got, we can usually work with it.  Please provide any fonts you may have used.

Microsoft Paint

We're not sure why this program even still exists in this millennium. Any file in this format will no doubt have to be redrawn
($60/hr - :30 minute increments)


We can't stress enough how important it is for you to provide us with the fonts used in your design (or at least have them no longer "live"). Though we have over 5000 fonts in our collection, we, invariably, never seem to have the one you have chosen.


Also note that for screen printing, each design must be no more than 6 colours. Sometimes we can "cheat" this using half tones, which are small dots of varying thicknesses and spacing to give the illusion of a new color. Think of old comic books or a Roy Lichtenstein painting.


It will be assumed that any artwork you submit is being used in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding it's usage. You will agree to assume any liability resulting from claims against Fresh Ink for service marks, infringements of trademarks, copyrights, patents and personal rights.

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